Adidas Equipment

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Adidas Equipment

Since the 1990s, Adidas has had its Equipment line. A teal and white Equipment volunteer jacket with the well-known 3-stripes was made for the Boston Marathon. This later developed into a recognizable logo and even one of the most iconic Adidas clothing lines ever.


Adidas Equipment was created and designed to meet the needs of athletes. They desired to create a new department of sneakers. It started with a line of shoes for sports like volleyball, soccer, and basketball.


Fast forward to 2017. Adidas updated their Equipment line for the new generation. This left us with the best of Adidas in its latest form. Even football clubs like Manchester United F.C., Liverpool, Bayern Munich and more let the Adidas equipment team design their jersey.


Here at New Life Vintage, we also receive items from the Adidas Equipment line. Most of the items you can expect to see when you order from us are Sweatshirts, Windbreakers, Pants and more. These are findable in our Branded Sweatshirts, Branded Shell Track Jackets, Branded T-Shirts, Branded Jackets and more.

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