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Already supplying multiple retail stores across Europe, New Life Vintage is the place to be for your vintage needs. Bringing our products directly from our sorting facilities towards your businesses, we can work together with small start-ups that sell on Depop all the way to stocking entire physical stores or specific clothing stock for customization. Clients looking for Vintage Branded Hoodies are definetly in the right place, as well as for the more upcoming Vintage Branded Pants.

Receiving our goods from various sorting facilities, mainly within The Netherlands, we ensure the highest quality of bulk vintage goods for our clients. Due to packaging our goods in transparent bags, we ensure quality arrival of items.

None of our garments are or have been pressed.

For orders, either mail us at for a custom request, or browse our catalog below!

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Inside our vintage warehouse you can find anything from 70's shirts to hand picked vintage nike pieces. E-mail us to plan an appointment at the freshest vintage wholesale in europe! Open four days a week from 07:00-16:00. Looking for those vintage sweaters in bulk? Or are you more a fan of vintage branded t-shirts? Check out the entire collection of our vintage wholesale company below.

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We have different pricing and logistical solutions for clients with higher volumes. Please contact us at for a custom inquiry with a guaranteed response within one business day.

We receive over 15 tons of vintage every month

Gathered from various sorting facilities, we source fresh vintage in bulk every month for our clients. Ranging from Vintage Leather Coats till Vintage Branded sweatshirts. You want it? We either have it or can source it. With over 15 tons of fresh vintage stock arriving in our facility in Rotterdam, we deliver the best grade A bulk vintage to our clients. With more and more popular items flying out the door like Vintage NBA Jerseys or Vintage Branded Shirts, you don't want to miss out.

Our staff sorts out mixed vintage goods into sacks of 25kg's for physical orders and 20kg's for online orders. Ensuring double-layered shipment, protecting the vintage clothing. Because our garments are not pressed, we ensure a higher quality than any other competitor you may find online.

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